What is the aim of the organisation?

CommSafe was established approximately in 2006 under the name of Te Awamutu Safer Community Charitable Trust with a mission statement of “Working together throughout the Te Awamutu environs to build safer and healthier communities”.

In 2011 the trustees completed a review of the trustee’s goals and developed a vision to expand the areas of interest from more than just Te Awamutu and its environs to any area and community who could benefit from the trust’s vision.

The trustee’s, along with all the volunteer community patrollers and neighbourhood support street coordinators ensure the communities are secure and safe to the best of their abilities and the public is aware of crime occurring.

What does CommSafe do?

CommSafe has 3 main aspects of its entity – Community Patrols, Neighbourhood Support and has recently been requested to oversee and monitor the new CCTV network established by Waipa District Council covering a large part of the Waipa District.

Community Patrols   

A trustee rosters the 35 volunteer community patrollers for their 4 hour shifts in which 2 patrollers travel the streets of Te Awamutu, Kihikihi, Ohaupo, Pirongia, Otorohanga and  various rural roads in between being eyes and ears for the New Zealand Police.

At times the patrollers are requested to assist police with specific tasks such as maintaining a watchful eye of certain areas where there may have been an increase in crime levels. These tasks range from manning road closures and barriers to supervising a prisoner held in custody for a short period of time.

Based on current patrolling statistics it is anticipated the following results will be achieved in the 2019 – 2020 year:

Patrols – 230

KMs travelled – 24,000

Patrol hours – 2,200

Incidents attended / reported – 3300

Neighbourhood Support      

The trust contracts a Community Safety Officer to manage the Neighbourhood Support aspect of the trust primarily in the western part of the Waipa and Otorohanga districts.

Neighbourhood Support has increased greatly over the past 10 years with now approximately 3000 households and 10,000 individuals recorded on our database system.

The Community Safety Officer communicates by email to our database on incidences in the community provided by the public and Police.  Also this provides safety tips and reminders with providing advice on how to stay safe and secure.

Recently there have been requests from several communities for CommSafe to assist with safety issues arising in their communities. The trustees are keen to assist where possible in terms of the trust’s aims and will respond as additional funding resources are obtained.



Over many years CommSafe has advocated the need for CCTV monitoring in Te Awamutu. Waipa District Council has taken on board this idea and has installed CCTV cameras in both Te Awamutu and Cambridge. The initial cameras cover the primary entry / exit routes from the towns. Additional cameras will be installed over time.

Commsafe has been asked to monitor the CCTV system further building their relationship with NZ Police and Waipa District Council.

Who can join CommSafe?

Any member of the public and can join CommSafe at any time. There is no requirement to live in the Te Awamutu area.

Joining is as easy as using the “Join now” button on the website, emailing or phoning as below:

07 902 0097